Cross Laminated Timber panels are versatile and can be used in many situations, such as access mats, bar and table tops, concrete forms, noise reduction panels, planters, stairs, retaining walls, walkways and structural panels to name a few.  Alran Industries Ltd. is able to manufacture panels in a variety of species like Yellow Cedar, S-P-F or Douglas Fir. 

Alran Industries' plant can custom produce small to medium sized orders of CLT panels in varying sizes from 3 layers or more starting at 2 inches in thickness, up to 8 feet wide and 20 feet long.  Whatever your project is, we have the versatility and expertise to meet your expectations. 

Light weight, yet strong and more environment friendly than many other building products, CLT is easy to work with, has a resistance to fire because of a slow char rate and stands up very well to earthquakes while giving your project the beauty and warmth of wood. 

From small to medium size projects, Alran Industries Ltd. can supply you with quality Cross Laminated Timber products at competitive prices.

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